Acoustic performance of covering systems with metallic roof tiles: effect of damping layers on rain noise


  • Gabriel Wittmann itt Performance, Unisinos
  • Rafael Ferreira Heissler itt Performance, Unisinos
  • Maria Fernanda Oliveira itt Performance, Unisinos



ruído da chuva, isolamento acústico, sistemas de cobertura


Weather events directly affect buildings, and despite buildings being composed of construction systems and elements with characteristics that determine the necessary structural safety, modifications can be made to meet other performance requirements. The degree of vulnerability of a building fundamentally depends on the characteristics of its envelope, and in the current context of climate change, alterations in rainfall patterns are one of the main consequences. Insulating rain noise from roofing systems is particularly important in buildings with large spans, as the greater distance between supports leads to less rigidity of the systems. This work aims to analyze the influence of damping layers on the acoustic performance of metallic tile covering systems during the action of artificial rain produced in a laboratory environment. The tests were carried out according to the parameters of ISO 10140, Parts 1, 3, and 5, in 12 different compositions of the roofing systems. For comparison purposes, 4 types of simple tiles were also tested. The results show that, in multilayer systems, filling with glass wool between two tiles is the most efficient, with results of LIA = 74 dB for the simple trapezoidal tile TP-30 and LIA = 52 dB for the system with glass wool and elastomeric tape.


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AeV 54 - Acoustic performance of covering systems with metallic roof tiles: effect of damping layers on rain noise




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